NOQ009 – The Psychic Paramount – Origins and Primitives

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Origins and Primitives is not a studio album¬†but rather documents the formation of the group’s sound with a collection of home recordings. Far from the ‘in the red’ sound of Gamelan, Origins and Primitives explores the quieter side of The Psychic Paramount with pulsing guitar tones, looped feedback and mellow electroacoustic compositions.


1-1 Solo Electric Guitar With Pre-Recorded Drums
1-2 Echoh Air
1-3 The Eye Glass / Sex Operation
1-4 Microphone II
1-5 Auxiliary Threads
1-6 Enad / VOAT
1-7 Microphone III
2-1 E5
2-2 Dsinter Blues Recorder
2-3 Interior 17
2-4 A Pourous Mineral Drifting With A Rainmaker
2-5 Melancholy 1
2-6 The Perfect Request
2-7 Soorcerer

Released: November 2006

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