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Old Calf
"Borrow A Horse" CD/LP
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Old Calf

Old Calf

Old Calf formed as a duo in the small, but musically vibrant town of Charlottesville, VA by Ned Oldham (The Anomoanon, Palace Music) and accordionist Marty Metcalfe, slowly accruing members on route to recording their debut album. Michael Clem (bass, mandola, dead-on harmonies) and Brian Caputo (percussion) round out the group of Southern gentlemen, who tightened up their sound rehearsing in Ned's garage, and performing around town on weekend nights.

Demos were cut this past summer, of which Oldham says, "I'm sure I've never had a clearer plan of how a record should go before," and it's true that the finished album is near identical in sequence and structure. Touching on ground most groups do not know exist, Borrow A Horse is rich with melody and instrumentation, it's simple songs rooted in folk and bluegrass, and presented in a swirl of psychedelia. It's a near-perfect album, forged in history, created in the present, and timeless in sound.