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Coptic Light
"s/t" CD
Released 10/2005
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Coptic Light

Coptic Light

"It isn't hard to identify familiar elements in Coptic Lights music: post-rock's jazzed rhythms, prog's unfurling lines of guitar, hardcore's hammering intensity. But the band's debut album represents something undeniably forward gazing. Over the course of three instrumental tracks of symphonic complexity and mutability, the NYC trio presents itself as a powder keg of moody energy - and all three musicians have their hands on the plunger. The first piece "Mix the Races" opens in a frenzied boil - guitar first, followed by the thwack of a drumbeat which immediately lights off a violent bass line. Within seconds it's clear that this band is made up of three rigorous lead instruments, none of which come near to subsuming the others. It's a neat trick best left to veterans such as these: Jon Fine (once of indie-rock heroes Bitch Magnet), bassist Jeff Winterberg (Antioch Arrow) and drummer Kevin Shea (Storm & Stress). Six minutes into "Mix the Races," the band pulls out of its raging gallop, and Fine repeats a pensive six-not figure over a gathering storm just waiting to unleash itself again. And then it does. The third track, "Eat It High School" - song titles like these and they couldn't bother to name the album? - is a rigorous 19-minute exercise in decay. Thick, muscular and typically combustible, it surges forward and rolls back a few times before starting its final approach to the ending point, spending a glorious 11 minutes deconstructing itself bit by bit" - Time Out NY


Jon Fine
Kevin Shea
Jeff Winterberg

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